Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MS Vs Google [JFF]

Today i read a news on , saying that  Google is  ripped the Beta labels off of its Gmail.

for me Just removing  Beta Label from Gmail is not going to be  100 %  Error Free and 100 % reliable ….

So for Fun…..   my views on both MS & Google products.

Search Engine:

GOOGLE – Game Over Once Google Lose Eye’s ( since its search engine). 

BING – BeatIN(G)oogle.


GMAIL Google Mails Are In Loss

HOTMAILHaving One of This Mail Account will keep you In Live (

Operating system.


CHROME -  Cannot Host  the Rhythm  OMicrosoft windows Environment.

Finally,  A House can exists without CHROME but not without WINDOWS.


WIN’s always and Do Offers Wonderful Service.



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