Thursday, August 13, 2009

Visualize Code Dependencies by Assembly, Class & Namespace in VS.NET 2010 Team suite Beta-1

In VS.NET 2010 Team Suite Beta-1 offers new feature called  visualize code dependencies by Assembly , Namespace and class. to generate Graphical view of code dependencies  click Analyze menu and click  Visualize code dependencies then select the options you want as shown below.



Here is the Visualize code dependencies by Assembly for my project MVCApplicaiton1  .


In the above Diagram i further Expended AccountController Class  just click the  image  arrow i could see all the methods and their dependencies.

For example if you look at the image method  do not have any dependencies so either no arrow going from nor coming in.image

using visualize code dependencies  we can even find out  Circular Reverences, Unused References, etc…( see the Legend)


I think this helps if new developer joins the Dev team he/she can easily understand components of each Modules and how it gets refinanced to others projecta or classes,and also this helps the new team member to understand the application very easily   and start working straightway  .



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