Friday, September 17, 2010

Building Windows Phone 7 Application .

In this blog Post I am going to build small Windows Phone Twitter Search Application . When we finish building then app this is how it looks


Here is the steps we are going to follow .

1) Create VS.NET 2010  Windows Phone Application .

2) Build XAML UI.

3) We are going to parse that result using  LINQ TO XML.

4) Write Button click Event handler which will execute the  Twitter Search API and  get the  ATOM format Result.

5) Store the result in our Model  (Class which holds the  following properties Date published, Title, Image Uri).

6) Bind to the  View.

First  lets  create  a windows phone 7  Application project and  name it  TWAPP.


The following  XAML code builds  Textbox and Search button  where  user enter  search string and click Search button.


Next  we are going  construct the XAML which shows the  user Search result .


Here is our  MODEL




In Silverlight all calls to out side world is ASYNC.  Now we finished building the app and ready to compile and run .


Now  enter the  some search string an click search button.





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