Sunday, December 20, 2009

Windows Mobile Application Development [.NET CF]- Part-I

Past 5 month i was not regular or not blogging often because I have been working on a Windows Mobile development project.  For me this is a new  technology, but i am able to do understand  Mobile SDLC very easily within no time .

This  windows mobile application developed for a big chemical company were their truck drivers go out to the filed and deliver/Treat the well and capture the Well info , what chemical they delivered, How much (GALLON) etc.. per day they may treat 60 to 70 wells approx. At the End of the day truck driver comes to warehouse  and connect to Company network (Wireless) and Sync or Upload data to MS-SQL Server and  then push to back Oracle Backend system via Linked servers.   This well treatments and pipeline solutions designed to enhance production and to meet out the business process and Real time Inventory maintenance.

Here are sample screen shots of the windows mobile application i developed.

Delivery /Treatment Input screen


Synchronization Options  from Device (SQL CE) to MS-SQL Server [Sync options automatically checked (selected) based on device connections]. Right now windows mobile device

is Cradle.


I wanted to write  series of blog on how to create a complete Windows Mobile application, targeting both Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 Standard and Windows Mobile 6 Professional Devices. 

Now let see how we can create simple Windows Mobile Application and deploy to Emulator  and test it before pushing to actual device.

Step 1: What are development tools needed to build windows Mobile Applications

1) VS.NET 2008 ( you can use 2005 too)

2) Windows Mobile 6 Professional and Standard Software Development Kits Refresh ( you can download it from :

3) Windows Mobile 6.1 Emulator Images ( you can download it from :

4) You need ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center. You will need to have ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center in order to deploy applications to a Windows Mobile device or to an emulator.

    1. If you development machine is Windows XP then you need to have  ActiveSync
    2. If your development machine is Vista/Windows 7 you need to have Windows Mobile Device Center.

You can download it from

Step 2 : Create windows Mobile Project , Deploy and Test it.






private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
           MessageBox.Show("Windows Mobile Button Contorl.");

Press Ctrl+F5 and choose where to deploy. Here i am going to deploy this application in windows 6.5 Pro VGA Emulator.


Device Emulator. (Windows 6.5)


image image





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