Sunday, December 20, 2009

Windows Mobile Application Development [.NET CF] Part-II

In this part –II  series I am going to show you how to add or create a Menu items in Windows Mobile application .

First Create a new Smart device project and select  Device application template.

Second Make sure that you have selected right Target platform and CF version (3.5).

Now open up the Form1.cs in design mode Click the bottom of Form1.cs   as shown in below and add /Create new menu items.

image   image 


Windows Mobile Development (Compact Framework) != Windows Forms Development. For Example Windows mobile form could have only one "minimize" button in the upper right corner of a window. There are two types of that button depending on MinimizeBox property of a form.

if  (MinimizeBox is set to True)

           " System will Show X” . when you  click on X this does not closes the window(from) it sends to back.


if ( MinimizeBox is set to False)

    "System will Show OK” . when you  click on OK  this  closes the window(from) and application will shut down.




Now Compile and deploy the application into Windows 6.5 emulator. 





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