Monday, February 1, 2010

Customizing SharePoint 2010 List form Using InfoPath 2010

In this blog we are going to see how to customize SharePoint 2010 List form. In have SharePoint site with Custom list called  SreeniCustomer. Here is the default Input form view shows when user click Add New Item  SreeniCustomer custom list .


Now we are going to customize this above form using InfoPath 2010. 


1) First click the SreeniCustomer custom list.

2) Select the List TAB from the Ribbon Menu.

3) Click Customize form. this action causes SreeniCustomer List form opens in InfoPath 2010 and shows like this


Now we are going to customize the above form Look and Feel.  



Above screen numbering shows the steps to add validation rule to check user input is valid  Email Address or not if not display the custom error message. Once we are done with form customization now ready to deploy into SharePoint server 2010.  To publish the above customized SharePoint list form to SharePoint server just click the File and click Publish your form.


Now our customized SharePoint List form published successfully into SharePoint 2010 Server. Now let’s go to SharePoint site and we add some new customer using the new SharePoint List form.


The Following Screen Shot shows the Customized form Inside SharePoint  and also it shows  validation error when user input invalid email address . This because  we have added validation rule for the email Address filed inside InfoPath .




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Thakhi Shaik said...

Can we the textboxes to dropdownlist and can we bound the data to the backend