Monday, December 22, 2008

Failed Message Routing -In BizTalk

In BizTalk server 2004 by default the failed messages cannot be subscribed by Orchestration, Send ports. This is the default  in BizTalk 2004. The  failed messages are automatically stored in Message Box[Data base] as suspended. These messages can be viewed by HAT tool.

In BizTalk 2006 MS introduced new features which provides flexibility in dealing with failed messages.


When configuring Receive port using  BizTalk Administration Console we can check the options as shown above.  Enable routing failed messages when this check box is checked  the failed messages are not suspended  instead the Messages are send to Message box with the following additionally properties are set .

The following properties are promoted into failed message so that now we can access this properties inside

Receive  port   , Orchestration etc..

• ErrorType
• FailureCode
• Description
• MessageType
• ReceivePortName
• SendPortName
• InboundTransportLocation
• OutboundTransportLocation
• RoutingFailureReportID


To subscribe the failed message we need to set filter in Send port as shown below.

Here I am filtering ErrorType the value is  "FailedMessage"





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That was simple and straight forward. Thank you.