Monday, December 22, 2008

Its SNOW Time as well as FUN Time.


Here is Acronym  for some of the words from my own dictionary

SNOW -Some time Nature Offer only on Winter its called SNOW.

TIME - The Important Movements on Earth. 

what I am trying to say here is, please make sure that we use our time in day to day life utilized very properly , if not Time becomes    The Irrecoverable Movements on Earth  .

KID - Knowledge In Development

WIRE - We Installed a Road for Electricity

WIRELESS -We Installed a Road for Electricity now  Lets Eliminate but Still we can See 

INDIA - Intelligent in Nature Developing In all Area.

PHOTO - Persisted  Handy Object To Open again.

TEA - Temporary Energizer After little tired .

MIRROR - MIRacle  Reflection Of Real.

AIR - Almighty  In Roaming.




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