Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Silverlight 3.0 Out-Of-Browser Application

With Silverlight 3.0 now we can run any Silverlight Application we can run as Desktop Application that means Running a SL 3.0 apps out side the IE Browser.  The good things that this feature added to SL.3.0  with no additional download any plug-in and also this feature work in Cross platform  Windows and MAC.

Let see how we can enable this feature.

1) Create a Silverlight 3.0 Application

2) Change the AppManifest.xml as shown below.

<Deployment xmlns=""

  <!--Uncomment the markup and update the fields below to make your application offline enabled-->
            ShortName="Out of Browser Silverlight Application"
            Title="Sreeni Silverlight Application ">
            <ApplicationIdentity.Blurb>Description of your Silverlight application</ApplicationIdentity.Blurb>

After enabling the above Lines  on  AppManifest.xml file run the application and right click you get the context menu as shown in below screenshot.


When you select Install Out of Browser Silverlight ..On this computer option  you get the following dialog box


This below screenshot shows  SL 3.0 Application Runs out of browser application ( Local host)



I choose Install on Desktop so  my SL 3.0 application  installed on my DESKTOP  now you can see last desktop ICON in below screenshot  


Now your right click on running Application you will get Different Context menu saying  Remove this Application. 


NOTE: this same feature  you can enable via Programming .



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