Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Peer-2-Peer using WCF NetPeerTCPBinding


Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 /3.5 comes with new WCF  binding called  netPeerTcpBinding .

Using WCF NetPeerTCPBinding we can develop a peer-to-peer networking applications that use a TCP-level peer-to-peer mesh infrastructure.

Example for the Peer-to-Peer Application : IM , File Sharing Application,games etc.

In Traditional Client Server model we have Single  Server  and 1 to N number of clients making request to the server which is configured in centralized location.


In Traditional Client/Server application 



In peer-to-peer (P2P) application  each participate (node) acts as both a client and a server to the other participants in the network.


WCF Service Contract :




In peer-to-peer network environment peers rely on name resolution systems to resolve each other's network locations (addresses, protocols, and ports) from names .Peer-to-peer name resolution has been complicated by transient connectivity and shortcomings in the Domain Name System (DNS). [MS-Source]

The Microsoft® Windows® Peer-to-Peer Networking platform solves this problem with the Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRP).

if you look at the below configuration we set Pnrp mode for the reslover .



Testing the Application with two Peer.






Gopal Chauhan said...

Hi, there is node resolver in config file. in which mode is pnrp whats the use of that node and i am not getting that node in my wcf config file.. how to get that node?

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