Thursday, January 29, 2009

Windows Azure application development and deployment

After playing with Windows  Azure Application development SDK  I decided to show what are the steps involved to complete a simple Windows Azure application in local Fabric development  and moving the sample application to MS  Windows Azure portal  that is  CLOUD environment.

First let us look at the local development environment setup.

To setup Azure local environment you need to install the following tools in your local machine.

1) .NET Framework 3.5 with SP1.

2)  IIS 7.0 (with ASP.NET and WCF HTTP Activation).

3) VS.NET 2008 with SP1 ( development IDE).

4) Windows Azure Software Development Kit (January 2009 CTP)

5) SQL Server 2005 0r 2008 Express

6) Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio January 2009 CTP

Developing a Application on Windows Azure

Please refer my blog post  developing a application on Windows Azure.

Once you developed and tested in your local environment  now you can publish the Azure service  on cloud environment. to do that you need to have storage account on MS Azure portal.

go to this link and sign up for the Azure storage account Sign up for Azure storage account























Once we test our application local fabric development environment now we can publish to cloud .

Right click on project you created and  select publish  this will launch windows explorer and shows the location where Package and configuration files stored in local machine.





Click deploy button you asked to select  Package  and Configuration settings 


now click deploy button this will load your package from local fabric environment to CLOUD.




Now click run button to run you cloud service application we just deployed in Staging.





Now your application is started. in staging it will provide the URL like

Web Site URL: click this url to run your cloud Application.




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